Hello world!

Welcome to my humble blog about my passions for Smart Home Technologies, Sport and Research.

First, let me briefly describe my Smart Home platform that play main role in my activities in this field.

My system represents Demo and Research platform for Smart Home technologies. I’ve developed whole system from scratch – using Integra BM modules from Cybrotech on automation level and Dianemo Software on higher level. Currently there are around 400 variables (values) “flowing” between both levels ensuring that no event stays unnoticed. House is fully automated, including whole house Audio and Video multimedia system, speech synthesis and implementation of Energy Conservation strategies. Special attention has been devoted to minimize the explicit presence of technology – the aim is to prevent duplication of various gadgets around the house and hide them as much as possible to the end user.

Project has been presented also twice at the national TV and on several lectures for wider audience.

More details will follow on this site – as soon as I find some time to describe whole project in a series of posts about certain details and my experiences gained during the whole process of building and implementation of the system.


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